No Asbestos Fiber Cement Board Panel Wall Board

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no asbestos fiber cement board panel wall board

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Fiber cement board

Aimite Fiber Cement Panel (Non-asbestos fiber cement board): Its raw materials are portland cement, high-purity quartz powder, selected minerals (mica and perlite, etc), and a variety of additives. It is light energy-saving building plate whose enforcing material is non-asbestos conjugate fiber treated by high-temperature and high-pressure steaming process according to the KTN300 technological standards. The truth that our panel contains no asbestos was proved by National Building Material Testing and Inspection Center according to the Standards of Non-asbestos Building Products.

Feature and application:

Non-pollution: no asbestos, no VOC gas producing, and no radiation.
Fireproof: of inflammable grade A; complying with BS 476 Part4 Part6 Part7; releasing no toxic gas; zero smoke coefficient.
Economical: light but with high intensity, reducing construction costs.
Waterproof and damp proof: tobermorite crystal structure as its main structure, which ensures its excellent property and less affection from humidity.
Heat insulation: with good heat insulation performance so that energy consumption can be lowered.
Long-service life: it is convenient for decoration to use inorganic base materials such as cement and konilite, which produce no pollution and their service life is as long as that of brick. Aimite panel is resistant to mildew, moth, and aging.


Main application: partition wall and ceiling
Fireproof structure: fireproof wall, door and furniture.
Heat insulation structure: internal heat insulation layer and heat insulation of outer wall.
Sound insulation structure: cinema, meeting hall, music hall, etc, for example.
Wet areas: basement, toilet, kitchen as well as other environment of low temperature and corrosion.
Backing-up structure: best used as filling plate of screen wall. We have developed supporting system of backing-up plate for renowned units of screen wall construction.
Other purposes: applied to furniture, movable floorboard, and office dividing wall.

Technical parameters:
Item Unit Aimite Fiber cement panel Aimite Fiber cement panel Aimite Fiber cement panel
Density(g/cm3) 1.10~1.2 1.20~1.4 1.4 ~ 1.6
Horizontal folding endurance Mpa 10.5 11-16 20.9
Vertical bending strength Mpa 8.55 11-13 17.9
Screw pull N/mm 72.1 86.3 109.0
Coefficient of heat conductivity W/m.k 0.175 0.168 0.150
Drying shrinkage rate % 0.066 0.069 0.089
Bulking rate % 0.193 0.195 0.199
water-content rate % 2.7 3.1 3.3
Rate of moisture absorption (48 hours) % 5.21 6.37 9.21
Frost resistance No chapping and slip cracking occur after 25 times of frost-smelting circulation in which freezing at the temperature of -25°C lasts 1.5 hours and smelting 0.5 hour for each time.
Inflammable Inflammable class-A1 material
All above statistics are testing value data, which should be taken just for reference. All data should be based on testing report.

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