Benz Scn Coding

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BENZ SCN coding

Flashing and Software Calibration Number (SCN) 2 Objectives

l Explain when, why and how flashing is performed

l Explain when why and how SCN coding is performed

At the end of this presentation the participants will be able to: Introduction Flashing is a way to update control unit software l Flashing is required

-If DTB requires updating of software

- Requested by TAC/EDAC

-New ECU part number

SCN coding identifies control unit software and coding conforming to Vehicle l SCN is required

After flashing fuel control unit (ME) or Electronic Transmission Controller (ETC)

After replacement of ME or ETC

-Required by law, can be fined if not done

- Vehicle may not function correctly if not performed

-Prevents after-market performance enhancements

- In future additional control modules will require SCN coding


l Flashing is performed using SDS

-Via CD in SDS

-DAS (software updates)

-Via on-line (near future)

l SDS downloads software into appropriate control unit

l Flashing is only to be performed when needed, otherwise issues may arise

Note: Keep battery charger connected to vehicle during flash, battery voltage critical to process, verify proper connection to X11/4 Software Calibration Number

SCN l As of 2003 emission regulations require SCN in all coded emission related control units

l SCN identifies control unit software and coding for a specific vehicle (similar to version coding) --Coding string adapts the control unit to the individual vehicle, incorporates vehicle equipment, safety information and emissions

--Check digit also referred to as test digit checks VIN, SCN and code string

l Must get new SCN when replacing or flashing ME or new Transmission control units

l If improperly completed certain features of vehicle may become inoperative (Tip start, cruise control)

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