Chlorinated Polyethylene , Cpe Gross Rubber 135b,

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Yantai Heng Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Chlorinated polyethylene Modified CPE Gross rubber 135B, special rubber SCM(CM352)
1.SCM special rubber: special function rubber, chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, CPE rubber, CM352 rubber, rubber tube, cellophane tape, rubber belt, sellotape
2.Modified CPE rubber: fast speed vulcanize, high density crosslinking, special function rubber, chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, CPE rubber, CM352 rubber, rubber tube, sellotape
CAS No.: 63231-66-3 Other Names: CPE Resin, special rubber
Assay:99%MIX Content of chlorine: 30-36
Molecular Formula: Name: Chlorinated Polyethylene
[ CH2-CHCl-CH2-CH2 ]n Place of Origin: YanTai China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HONGNUO Model Number:CPE135B, CM352
Mainly use:Electric wire and cable,rubber pipe, conveyor belt, auto rubber accessories.
This product can be used as special synthetic rubber, as well as modifying agent of synthetic rubber.

Product features:
This product is a kind of irregular structure thermoelastomer without and crystals.It has the characteristic of low plastic temperature, low ML viscosity, fine machining function, fine resistance at low temperature, fine heat resistance, fine deflection, fine fire-resistance, it can be mixed with CR, CSM, NBR, EPDM and SBR at any proportion.

Item Unit Test method Technology standard Results
Normal physical properties:vulcanizing condition:165℃X20min
Tensile strength ≥, MPa GB/T528 8 8.5
Elongation rupture ≥, % GB/T528 250 400
hardness Shore A GB/T531 72 72
Ozone resistance hour density50pphm, 40C Not cracking Not cracking
Scorch times TC10 min 151C 4:31
Mooney viscosity rotator ML1+4, 100C 70 77.13
Thermal aging performance:condition—120*72hr
Strength rate ≥,% GB/T528 -20 3.6
Elongation rate ≥, % GB/T528 -50 -18.75
It is a kind of amorphous elastomer with minimal crystal .
It can be blended with CR, CSM , NBR, EPDM, SBR and NR at any ratio.

CPE by high density polyethylene chlorinated and become a comprehensive excellent performance of high polymer materials, with excellent weathering resistance, low temperature resistance properties and electrical properties; Ozone-resisting; Anticorrosion chemical resistance, oil resistance; Flame retardancy; Has good liquidity and processing with other plastic and rubber good compatibility.

Yantai Heng Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

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