Bibp;crosslinking Agent Bipb,casno.:025155-25-3

Price : 19500.00
Quantity : 15 (metric ton)
Minimum Order : 1
Product Status : New
Sample Available : yes
Shipment Terms : Negotiable
Payment Mode : T/T,L/C
Categories : Chemicals, Chemical Reagent, New-type Chemical Material, Chemical Auxiliary & Catalyst, Catalyst & Active Agent
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Yantai Heng Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Common name: crosslinking agent BIPB, Curing agent BIPB, rubber additives BIPB, bridging agents BIPB, oderless DCP
Chemical name: Bis(t-butylperoxy isopropyl)benzene
Formula: C6H4[C(CH3)2OOC(CH3)3]2
Molecular Weight: 338
Cas N0: 2212-81-9 or 025155-25-3
Chemical Structure:
Properties : Insoluble in water, partly dissolving in alcohol, ether, benzene, carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvents.
Active oxygen content: 9.45%. Decomposing temp.& Half-Iife period:1 min. when temp. 182"C; 10hrs. when temp. 118-120"C.
Usage: BIPB is a curing agent in plastics, a vulcanizing agent in rubber, such as CPE, EPDM, EVA, silicone rubber, butyl-acrylonitrile rubber.
As the same crosslinking result, the amount of it"s DCP"s 2/3, it has advantage of its less odor in processing and the product.
Packing: 25KGS/DRUM
Not damageable if stored at normal temperature.
Keep away from direct sunbeam and violent shaking during transportation;
Not permissible to be accompanied with strong acids or reductive agents during storage or shipment.
Specification: Products Appearance content% Carrier Melting point
BIPB 99 White powder ≥99 / 40-50
BIPB 40 White granular 40 CaCO3 40-50

Yantai Heng Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

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