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Pinshanxuan Ancient Ship-wood Art Furniture


Old vessels of wood, a hundred years of Mother Nature's temper carving, although the Changcheng 1000 hit 100 holes, but the flaw could not conceal his jade. After the baptism of the sea, year round water absorbing the essence of an increasingly clear Earned texture, structure a natural simple, angular and full health Run, texture thick atmosphere, full of tension and expression. Every shape, every piece of wood made with all-day beauty. Each one contains an old boat wooden furniture belonging to it experienced a period of years Cangsang story!

Pinshanxuan Ancient Ship-wood Art Furniture

  • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1998
  • Main Markets: Europe,Asia
  • Product Focus: Old Ship Wooden Furniture,Ship Wood Furniture,Wooden Furniture,Wood Art ,Living Room Furniture
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