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Best Technology Co., Ltd.


Our C (Circle) Round Series metal domes (metal snap domes) are round shaped switch contacts that were designed for mounting on membrane circuitry. They are designed to be pushed past the flat plane by .005-.010" for optimal tactile feedback. The C-Series domes will not invert when pushed past the flat plane. Applications requiring a low profile switch under a membrane overlay are a perfect fit with our C-Series metal domes. It can be used anywhere a momentary switch with tactile feedback is required, while still achieving impressive actuation life cycles.

The Circle Metal Dome Family (No Dimple) is designed specifically for membrane, switches & tactile feeling applications, which is designed for over-travel applications. The Round Dome Family (Dimple) is designed specifically for mounting on printed circuit boards. They can also allow different applications including membrane, switches & tactile feeling applications.

The size of C Series metal dome is from 4mm to 20mm in a range of (trip) force, typical 100- 500 g. The trip force, rebound/return force, click, travel, and height, etc., can be adjustable according to clients' request.

No matter what size or force you require, we'll do our best to produce it. Contact us now for more

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Best Technology Co., Ltd.

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