2012 Fwu Long Hot Water Roller-original Manufactur

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Suzhou Fwu-long Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.


2012 FWU LONG HOT water roller-original manufacturer

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No.1: No inflatable

Old water roller ball is inflatable, you need always to carry a blower with it. It has at least one air chamber, if there is one chamber leak air, the whole roller ball can't use any more, that means, the whole product can't use any more.
The new water wheel is not inflatable, it hasn't air chamber, no need blower.

No.2: Durable
The old roller ball is all made of TPU or PVC, it all connected by the rope rings, which are very easy to break off from the ball. Any part of the roller leak air, the whole roller can't use any more.
The new water wheel has two plastic(PE) wheel, connected by the stainless steel bearing, which is never broken, and the transparent material is replaceable, which is very durable.

No.3: Safe
The old roller ball floats on water based on the air chamber, but if any part of the ball leaks air, the ball will sink in water, it's very dangers for the players.
The new water wheel floats on water based on the two PE wheels, even the TPU material broken by the sharps in water, it will not sink in water, player can hold the stainless steel bearing, and come back to the shore.

No.4: more fun
The roller ball has the chamber, the player is playing in the second material floor, they can not have the feeling with the water.
The water wheel r only has a single material, players will have the impressive feeling with the water, they will feel they are walking on water, it's more fun!!

Advantage 5: replaceable
The old roller ball each part is an integral whole, it can't replace any part without the high frequency machine. And the maintenance is very difficult, even it's repaired, maybe it still leak air.
The new water wheel is easy replaceable, the two PE wheels and the stainless steel bearing will not broken, if the TPU material broken, you just need to replace it, it will become a new roller ball immediately!

Item name

2012 FWU LONG HOT PVC Plastic water roller original manufacturer




steel, plastic, polyether TPU 0.7mm or PVC

steel(zinc-plate, 430 stainless iron, 304 stainless steel) 304 stainless steel is appropriate for sea water.




1.Carton and high-strength PVC tarpaulin.

2.Carpet inside, pvc bag outside.

3.your special requirement is accepted


more than 1000 online styles and according to customized requirements

Produce Time

7- 28working days

Shipping way

By sea /by air/by DHL


Accord the actual weight



Web site

www.fwulonginflatable.com www.playislands.com www.inflatableground.com



Quality control

1. Double stitching throughout the unit with triple stitching

2. Quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit

3. Extra webbing reinforced strip on all the stress points and interior panels


Outside diameter: 2.4 M

inside diameter: 1.7 M

length: 2-3 meters (optional)

Come with

1.2-3years warranty

2.Emergency exit for faster deflation process ramp

3.Repair kit

4.Rapid repair tape

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