Lds-5 Electronic Tensile Testing Machine

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Jinan Hengruijin Testing Machine Co., Ltd


It is mainly used to test tension, compression, bending and other mechanical property for metal, non-metal and composite materials. It is applicable to metal, cementing compound, tubes and pipes, sectional bar, aerospace, petrochemical industry, l waterproof rolls, wires and cables, fiber, rubber, ceramics, food, medical package, geotextile, film, wood, paper and other manufacturing industries and quality supervision department. It is also used in colleges for teaching demonstration.

Max testing force: 5000N

Effective measuring range: 2%-100%FS

Accuracy of indicating value: + or -1%

Max tensile distance: 800mm or can be made as required

Max distance between platens: 800mm or can be made as required

Size of upper and lower platens: 100mm

Tensile accessories: wire winding grip, wafer type grip, level type grip, microprinter is optional (with standard accessory 1 set)

Main machine: 500*400*1600mm

Jinan Hengruijin Testing Machine Co., Ltd

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