Optic Fiber Faceplate

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Wuhan Technophile Co., Ltd.


Fiber optic plate(FOP) composed of millions of fibers fused together in parallel array. It is able to transfer high-resolution image from an input plane to another output. It is widely used for high-resolution transfer in applications, including image intensifier, CRT/LCD displays, CCD coupling, and intensifier, magnification, inverter of image. It is also used for field-flat-tening, distortion correctionIt has lots of advantages as compared with optical system, such as light weight, small size, high resolution, big numerical aperture, good transmission, etc. We can immediately provide flat-concave shape with diameter of 40mm, 25mm, and 18mm, and flat-convex shape with diameter of 30mm, 25mm, and 18mm, etc.

The specifications are as follows:

1、fiber diameter:≤6μm
3、thermal expansion coefficient:α
=(89±2)×10-7/°C (20300°C)
4、Collimated transmission:≥75%
  Lambertian transmission:≥
5、Vacuum tightness:≤1.33×10-11Pa·m3·He/s
6、cut aberration:≤30μm
7、image aberration:≤40μm
8、image displacement:≤100μm

In additional, we can also provide customized products:
1、fiber diameter
3、thermal expansion coefficientα=65~95×10-7/°C(20
5、Shape: round, square, strip, flat-concave, flat-convex, etc.

High-resolution transfer in applications:

  • image intensifier
  • CRT/LCD displays
  • CCD coupling
  • intensifier
  • magnification
  • field-flat-tening
  • distortion correction

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