Fiber Image Inverter

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Wuhan Technophile Co., Ltd.


Fiber image inverter is composed of millions of optic fiber with diameter of 56μm, fused together in parallel array, while the input and output of each fiber has been twisted by 180°, so it can transfer the image in 180° reversion. It has many advantages, such as clear image, light weight, etc. Currently it has been widely used to substitute relay lens in night vision devices. It is the key component in Gen. 2, Sup. Gen. 2 and Gen. 3 image intensifiers, and also widely used in devices that need reversed images.

Main specifications are as follows:

1fiber diameter 6μm
NA> 0.65
Vacuum tightness 1.33×10-11Pa·m3·He/s
axial resolution100 lp/mm
thermal expansion coefficient (88±3)×10-7/ (20-300)
Collimated transmission> 65%
Lambertian transmission> 57%
cut aberration< 50μm
snakes aberration< 75μm
image displacement< 250μm


  • night vision devices
  • Gen. 2, Sup. Gen. 2 and Gen. 3 image intensifiers
  • devices that need reversed images
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