Calcite Polarizer

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Wuhan Technophile Co., Ltd.


We can provide low cost and high quality calcite polarizers with standard specification or per customer request. We also provide completely polarization management solutions for customers laser applications.

l Glan-Thompson Polarizer

l Glan-Taylor Polarizer

l Glan-Laser Polarizer

l Rochon polarizing Beam-splitter Prism

l Beam Displacer

Main Specification

l Calcite grade: optical, laser and UV grade

l Wavelength range: 350-2300nm; 220-2300nm

l Surface quality: 40/20 scratch and dig; 20/10 scratch and dig

l Dimensions tolerance: ±0.1mm

l Beam deviation: <3 arc minutes

l Extinction ratio: <1x10-5

l Surface flatness: λ


l National defence industry

l High precision optical components

l Big screen display equipment

l Refraction components

l Polarizer / polarimeter

l Prisms

l Photometer

l Saccharimeter

l Chromometer

l Rangekeeper / distance gage

Wuhan Technophile Co., Ltd.

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