Fused Silica Windows/prisms

Price : Price Negotiable
Quantity : 10000 ()
Minimum Order : 100
Product Status : New
Sample Available : yes
Payment Mode : Cash,cheque,Credit Card,Bank Transfer,L/C
Categories : Electrical & Electronics, Other Electronics
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Wuhan Technophile Co., Ltd.


The superior transmission characteristics and excellent thermal properties combined with high tolerance manufacturing specifications make these windows a suitable choice for most demanding applications.

l Better performance from UV to IR spectrum

l S/D 10/5, flatness λ/

l Popular UV components materials

Wuhan Technophile Co., Ltd.

  • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2009
  • Main Markets: Whole World,Europe,Asia
  • Product Focus: Quartz Glass Fiber, Quartz Yarn, Quartz Wool, Quartz Fiber Woven Socks, Quartz Cloth
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