Smd Power Inductors

Price : Price Negotiable
Quantity : 10000 ()
Minimum Order : 1000
Product Status : New
Sample Available : no
Payment Mode : Bank Transfer
Categories : Electrical & Electronics, Electronic Instrument, Inductor
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Token Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.


Token SMD Power Inductors Products Include following types:
Backlight Power Inductors, Shielded Power Onductors, Unshielded Power Inductors, Toroidal Power Inductors.

All above trading conditions (Unit Price, MOQ, Lead Time..) are system default setting. Please call or email for up to day information.Custom parts are available on request. Token Electronics will also producedevices outside these specifications to meet specific customer requirements, please contact our sales for more information .

Selection guide of SMD Power Inductors, data sheet, and detail applications.See detailed specifications on our website at, Contact us with your specific needs.

Token Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

  • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1983
  • Main Markets: Whole World
  • Product Focus: Carbon Composition Resistor,Non-inductive Resistor,Fusible Resistor,Power Inductor,Smt Inductor
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