Anti Corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape (astm D1000)

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Anti Corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape (ASTM D1000)

Product Introduction
The anticorrosion system of Polyethylene Anticorrosion Adhesive Tape is made up of anticorrosion tape, protective tape, joint wrap tape, and primer. Adhesive tape is tape-shaped anticorrosion material made of Polyethylene film heat laminated with adhesive layer of butyl glue. The product, safe and clean, performs well in insulation, anticorrosion, mechanical strength and anticollision, moreover it is of low water absorption, long service life, wide usage and convenient in application. It is extensively used in the pipework of oil and natural gas transportation, petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban natural gas network of pipes, the outside anticorrosion project of the metal pipes involved as well as the outside anticorrosion project of the underground and overhead metallic conduit of the works of petrochemical industry, natural gas and coal transportation.

II Anti Corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape (ASTM D1000) Characteristics
1. Containing adhesive layer of proper thickness, it is of super healing and insulating performance.
2. The binding force between the backing material and adhesive layer is great, which will prevent degumming.
3. It is of high thermal ageing resistance and UV resistance.
4. It has high tensile strength and appropriate elongation at break, which makes the mechanical and manual wrap easier.
5. It has varieties, specifications, and colors of all kinds, including anticorrosion tape (inner tape), protective tape (outer tape), joint wrap tape, etch primer as well as the necessary tools.

Thickness: 15 mil to 50 mil

Width: 50 mm to 800 mm

Length:10m to 140 m

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