Pdc Cutter For Oil Drill Bit

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Zhengzhou Ld Diamond Products Co., Ltd


PDC cutter insert for oil drill bit

We have SG, GK series PDC cutter insert available for oil drill bit.

SG series of cutters


The joint face of PCD layer and the tungsten carbide is designed with claws, which ensure the combination is more firm and the cutter has higher impact resistance.

Microstructure with complete C-C bond combination is characterized between the grains of the diamond in PCD layer, which ensure the high strength, hardness and abrasion resistance of diamond layer.

The new sharp cutting surface will keep cutting in the drilling process.

GK series of cutters

GK is a premium cutter, we adopted series of new technology, greatly improved the impact resistance and thermal stability, increased the rate of penetration in highly demanding drilling applications effectively.


Selected higher quality diamond powder, improved the sintering technique, enhanced the bond combination strength between diamond grain.

Improved the inner structure of the sintered cavity, the pressure and temperature become more balance, which ensure the cutter has more stable performance.

Adopted a new type of carbide, which improved the weld strength.

Optimized the designation of joint face , which reduced the residual stress.

Increased the rate of penetration in highly demanding drilling applications effectively


Suitable for drilling medium to hard , hard and tough formations.

Zhengzhou Ld Diamond Products Co., Ltd

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