Pcd Cutter Insert

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Zhengzhou Ld Diamond Products Co., Ltd


We are the leading manufacture of PDC(Polycrystalline Diamond Compact) and related products: PDC cutters, PCD cutter insert, PDC bits, …….

PCD cutter insert (PCD cutter)are composed of diamond powder and tungsten carbide in high temperature and pressure. They have the high hardness and abrasion resistance of nature diamond, and combined with the toughness that of tungsten carbide.


The normal shape is round, Dia from 6-44mm, also can be cut into rectangles, triangles, sectors, etc. as request.

The standard PCD layer thickness is 0.5mm

Superfine finished surface

Available in three overall thickness: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 3.2mm

Available in three grain size: 5μ, 10μ, 25μ

suitable for laser cutting and EDM cutting

Zhengzhou Ld Diamond Products Co., Ltd

  • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2010
  • Main Markets: Whole World,Oceania,North America,Europe,Asia,Africa
  • Product Focus: Pdc Bit,Pdc Cutter,Pcd Tools,Diamond Grinding Wheel,
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