Amazing Heineken El Light Poster El Panelhnr0927

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Alot Tech Limited


Product Description

Any color, any design, any shape, any size, any quantity, any animated style, all is available.

Full color in the surface and back: Any colors you like
Animated design: Can do for your logo, any design is available
Operation range: 60-180V
Optimum operating voltage: 110V
Operating frequency range: 400-1000V
Optimum operating frequency: 800Hz
Power consumption: 3.5 milliwatt / sq cm
Static capacitance: 0.4 nf / sq cm
Half-luminance time: 8000 hours (100V, 400Hz)
Screen thickness: <0.45 mm (with protective layer)
<0.25 mm (without protective layer)
Working temperature: -10 to +60 degree centigrade
Relative humidity: 90%
Uneven brightness: <5%
City Light Bus Stop Pillar EL Panel Flashing Advertising Flowing AD signs Poster Amazing HEINEKEN EL Light Up Poster EL Panel Animated Advertising ( HNR 0927 )

The Advantages of EL Advertising Poster:
1. Extra save electric power, short-wave lighting, no radiation, bright and remarkable in the night, which can attract the passengers;
2. The capacity of focusing light is strong. The distance may be very far but strong attraction;
3. Extra-thin, light. It's easy to manufacture and put in use and save engineering cost, upgrading the human resources and efficiency;
4. As it's easy to be equipped, it has strong scattering capacity and AD mobilization;
5. With its novelty and attraction, it can get effect of ad or expected;
6. EL can be made by the clients' needs. And we can produce EL product of different dimension and shape you want;
7. Besides making continuous light and flash function, it also can be made soft dimming or multisection flash mode.

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