Car Blind Spot System

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Car Blind Spot System Details:

Fatal Car Blind Spot:

Left side mirror can supply about 12°view, right side mirror can only supply about 5°view.

Inner back mirror can only supply about 20° view, so there are 37° blind area existing during your driving. Under this circumstances, It will cause fatal car accident if you changing road and passing car.

Raining Day and Fog Time, Accident Peak Time:

During raining day, or fog time, drivers can only see a vague outline of behind car, very hard to judge behind car speed and accurate distance. It cause drivers big problem when they changing road and passing cars.

So Hard to Drive at Night:

Driver can not judge the back car distant only by the behind headlight, and especially when human eye stimulated by strong reflected light, the pupil will need about 3 seconds to recover.

Dangerous Visual Error:

Many drivers stick a small round mirror on the side mirror, to solve the blind area problem. White that is only a normal moon watch telescope, can not avoid the image out of sharp. Its twisted image will cause the driver judge backside incorrect.

Check Backside by Turning Head Back Will Cause Rear End:

When driver changing road, some times we need turning back to check the situation, while the front and another side will become blind area suddenly. If another side have car enter your front or your front car brake suddenly, will left us on a dangerous situation.

Time Difference Aso Fatal:

The driver need check 3 directions one by one when they changing road, so big blind area happen.

Front Side Car Changing Road When You Are Passing Cars:

When passing car, your side road means empty, so many front side cars may also drool with envy. When you drive into their blind area, it will cause fatal car accident if them changing road.

How the BLIS working?

The laser eradiate sensor fixed below the side mirror by appropriate angel, eradiate laser at the frequency of more than 200 000 times/seconds, when another car enter the detecting area, ( About 13M from the mirror to the behind obstacle), the small alarm light beside A pillar will shining or alarming few times, to remind drivers careful change road. And the effect will not effect by weather or time.

Car Blind Spot Detection System Parameter:

Average Power: 15W average power

Input Voltage (Vin): 9~16V

Rated voltage (V nom): 12V

Rated current (I nom): 0.1A

Maximum current (I max): 7.5A

working temperature: -40°C~+105°C

Working distance: 0~15m

Install model: install horizontally below the side mirror

Install angle: 28~31 with the vehicle ordinate axis centerline

Which Car Already Have Blind Spot Monitor System:

Ford Edge

Cadillac Seville Luxury Sedan

Volvo XC60

Jaguar XF

Volkswagen Phaeton

Audi Q7

Benz S Class

Land Rover Range Rover

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