Rf System

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Antenna Size(MDxTD): 40*40mm (1.6"*1.6”)

Resonance Frequency: 8.2MHz

Average Effective Signal Volume: 1750 cm³

Average Quality Factor: 80

Deactivation Sensitivity: 0.3A/m-1.5A/m

Adhesive: hot melt adhesive

No. Splices:1 maximum

Tested by IDH and result is excellent

rf system Advantage:

1.Paper thin label

2.Multiple labels

3.Small label

4.High speed application

5.Protect without altering the products image and appearance (concealed protection)

6.Faster through-out at POS due to excellent sensitivity strength

rf system application

1 clothing label

2 shoe label

3 garment label/tag

4.bottle label

5.packing / package solution

6.alomost all source tagging solutions

Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd( www.century-cn.com ), largest rf system manufacturer in the world, are open to be your supplier of rf system project. We can give you mush support on rf system design and manufacture, with century rich experience on rf system manufacture.

Hangzhou Century Co.,ltd

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