Hvac Air Duct System

Price : 4.80
Quantity : 100000 (square meter)
Minimum Order : 1000
Product Status : New
Sample Available : yes
Shipment Terms : fob,cfr,cif,Negotiable
Payment Mode : T/T,L/C,cash,Negotiable
Categories : Construction & Decoration, Sound & Heat Insulation
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Tengzhou City Huahai New Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd


HVAC air duct system

Aluminum foil compound phenolic foam sandwich panel is the new green environmental protection material, this kind of air duct heat preservation,

soundinsulated, artistic, durable, clean, health, nature, light, the energy conservation, environmental protection, it will be the traditional air duct perfect renewal product.

Dimension: 3900×1200×20+ 1mm
3900×1200×25+ 1mm
3900×1200×30+ 1mm

Performance Index:
1) Density 58 ~70kg/m3
2) Oxygen Index >42
3)Thermal Conductivity 0.025W/Mk
4)Compressing Strength 0.56 MPa
5) Bending Strength 1.05Mpa
6) Non-Combustible Class "O"
7) Water Absorption 1.9%
8)Max. Smoke Density 2%
9)Working Temperature -150 °C to 150°

1).Our company has a number of proprietary intellectual property rights and a strong independent power production.

2).Ultra strong anticorrosion bacteriostasis coating aluminum foil.

3).Import assistant, optimized formula system.

4).Germany import international sophisticated equipment,

5).The lead technique production in domestic.

Domestic unprecedented continuous compound without glue manufacturing technique.

6). five-in-one.

7). flame retardant property, Under the open fire this panel only carbonization, does not blast open.

Patent name:Uses in resin low temperature foaming phenolics production making and method; patent number: ZL00 111275.9.

Product usage: Be used for to make the air conditioning heat preservation ventilating duct's material,

widely uses in market, supermarket, guesthouse, hotel, stadium, workshop, airport, hospital, food store, pure project .

Tengzhou City Huahai New Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd

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