Yipin Jingzhi Liquor

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Sesame flavor type--- Yipin Jingzhi Liquor brand is the top-grade product. It includes three series of Royal, Splendiferous and Lucky Yipin Jingzhi Liquor. It is the originator of sesame flavor type spirits in China developed by scientific research of half century and by means of adhering to independent innovation itself. It’s the most splendiferous top-quality wine because it owns three characters of soy sauce, strong and soft flavors together and has the unique sesame flavor especially. This taste can be only enjoyed in Yipin Jingzhi liquor brand. In 2006, Yipin Jingzhi Liquor was evaluated as the typical representative of China sesame flavor type of liquor by China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association and Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. It was recognized as National geographical symbol protection productThere are only two liquor won this honor, the other one is Moutai Liquor, China famous and special liquor, country standard sample liquor in 2008. It was awarded as the first prize of scientific and technical payoffs in China National Light Industry and took the first place in quality inspection on national honored board in China distillery industry.
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