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Jade Crafts, Nephrite Hand-carving Sculpture Jade,
the jadeite has a long history in chinese culture. there are about five kinds jade, such as burma nephrites, hetian jade, dushan antique jade, afhanistan jade and the xiuyu jadeite. during these kinds jades, they are always made in the different shapes, which has the various meanings. we have the...
Juicy Handbags,lv Handbags,prada Handbags
welcome to yrcraft international trade co., ltd. ,we mainly supply crafts handbags,the details is as following: crafts 26 nationalities in yunnan absorbed the essence of traditional arts and crafts, simple and natural, has the strong local ethnic characteristics and integration of modern culture as...
Human Hair Extension
we are chinese manufacturer and seller of human hair, wigs and other related products. we have our own factory and r&d members and we have exported our products to canada and other forein countries. we have high quality human hair of each length in variety of colors and we are mainly specialized in ...
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