Smoking Set Arts & Crafts

Acrylic Cigarette Case
it's made of acrylic, looks pretty .it is applied to hold cigarette . low price, high-quality, beautiful design, high hardness and good luster, good for promotion, excellent weather resistance all the size and shapes can be designed as your requirements
Glass Ashtray,glassware Ashtray,ashtray
xiamen capot commerce & trade co., ltd. can supply various types of glassware products, such as glass plate, square glass plate, glassware, glass candle holder, drinking glass, wine glass, glass vase, beer mug, beer glass, art glassware, glass cup, glass bowl, glass salad bowl most of our produc...
Black Coral Cigarette Holder
hai liu --- rare deep-sea microbes(scientific name: black coral),main ingredients are: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, arsenic, zinc and other necessary minerals for is a life of up to thousands of submarine bush,because of their lives hidden in the seabed,people call them "sacred trees" ...
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