Fireworks Arts & Crafts

Display Shells
we supply display shells with more than 1000 effects as follows, size:from 2.5'' to 16''. main sorts:(with different effects of each) 01 chrysanthemum shells 02 red gamboge chrysanthemum shells 03 peony shells 04 golden wave shells 05 glittering silver shells 06 diadem chrysanthemum shells 07 willow...
Silver Spring  Fireworks
stage special effect silver fountain fireworks is the common prodcut, it's environment free cold flame fireworks ,and make of different display effect according to the customers' requirement.
Hot Wheels Fireworks
stage hot wheels also called stage windmill ,there are three angles ,four angles and six angles rotated spraying sparker,looks like the rotating hot wheel.
Color Smoke Fireworks
color smoke :it's difference from tradition fireworks which is keeping good view just only played at night. it's color smoke,confetti combined with sound,light,electrical and space effects ,innovated production technology ,suit for daytime holiday celebration and ceremony etc.and it's also called da...
Cake Fireworks
cake fireworks: inserted in birthday or wedding cake ,or handheld in the birthday party ,wedding ,celebration ,party ,its popular with couples , little children etc.
Fireworks Cakes
item no.: bw-b002 item name: 12s fantasy packing: 12/1 size: 5.5x5.5x7"
Fireworks Cakes
item no.: bw-b001 item name: 12s fly tiger activity packing: 12/1 size: 6.7x6.7x7"
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