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Boocca Shanghai industry Co., Ltd is a reputed and diversified company which professionally engages in research, manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of flow instrument system, liquid filtration system and LED lighting. We can not only supply good-quality and competitive products, but also design practical program and provide technical support. Our products include cone shape flow meters, averaging pitot tube flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, single bag filter, multi-bag filter, quick open bag filter, filter bags and stainless steel meshes, LED bulbs, sport lights, par lights and so on.


Standard Multi-Bag Filter Multi-bag filters offer a wide range of flow capacities. They can contain more impurities, and they are suitable for where change the filter bags after a long time. One single filter, maximum operating flow of 1080m3/h. Quick-open design is convenient for daily maintenance. Provide CS, 304/316 stainless steel construction. Suitable for various of acid & alkaline liquid and nature liquid. Using high level design standard ensures enough corrosion remaining and the highest reliability. Choose 01#02# filter bags or basket cartridges, changing easily. Provide heating cover, upload pressure below 10kg, with anti-corrosion painting on inner surface of the filter, to meet different customers, different occasions requested. Smooth fluid pipeline design, small pressure loss, more energy conservation; outstanding sealed design, with patented ring, prevent liquid bypass. Quicken-open design, convenient maintenance.

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