Egg Tray Machinery, Pulp Moluding

Price : Price Negotiable
Quantity : 1000 (set)
Minimum Order : 100
Product Status : New
Sample Available : yes
Shipment Terms : fob
Payment Mode : L/C,cheque,Credit Card
Categories : Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Paper Machinery
Posted By :

Hghy Pulp Molding Pack Co.,ltd


Introduction: 2000pcs/hr, 3000pcs/hr, 4000pcs/hr. Mainly used for products with simple strcture but in big quantity, such as egg trays/cartons, fruit trays, cup carriers and disposabale medical care products. Our website is :

Hghy Pulp Molding Pack Co.,ltd

  • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1990
  • Main Markets: Oceania,Africa,Europe,Asia,South America,North America
  • Product Focus: Pulp Molding,Egg Tray, Pulp Molded, Egg Tray Machine,
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