Paper Egg Tray Making Egg Tray Machine

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Hghy Pulp Molding Pack Co.,ltd


machine Pulp Molding Machine
Raw materialused waste paper
automationFull Automatic

Pulp moulding is a technology to recycle the waste paper and make it to egg trays and cushions with the effect of the vacuum and compressed air. The main process of pulp moulding includes pulping, forming, drying and hot pressing. HGHY, as the pioneer in pulp molding industry in China, has designed all types of pulp moulding machines to satisfy different market. Now HGHY pulp moulding machines have been sold to more than 20 countries and gained good reputation. As to egg tray pulp molding production lines, we have both auto and semiauto, it's capacities extend from 400pcs/hr to 10000pcs/hr, the capacity calculation takes the prodution of 30 cavity egg tray as the standard(size:300*290, weight:70g).Our website is :

Main equipments:pulper, 3m3, 55kw;vibration screen, 1.8m2, 4kw; consistency controller;mixer;auto sizing system; pulp pump, water pump, control cabinet for pulping system, etc.Forming system of the egg tray machine

Consist of 12 pcs of forming platens and 1pc of transfering platen. Platen size:1600*400mm. 4pcs of 30-cell egg tray molds can be mounted on each forming platen(4pcs/cycle). There are 48pcs of forming molds and 4pcs of transfering molds in total. Forming efficiency :16-18cycles/min;equiped with vacuum auto drain system, auto cleaning system for the forming mold, preheating system and auto control cabinet.Drying system

Stacking system

It will press and make the products more compact after stacking so that storing and transporting will be more convenient and cost-effective .Subsidary Equipments

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