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Guangzhou 3hz Solar Technology Co., Ltd


3Hz solar LED light box is the light guide plate solar advertising light boxes on the basis of ultra-thin light box, using high-tech solar photovoltaic technology, intelligent automatic control technology and LED lighting technology, using a variety of frame materials made of a kind The new multi-play does not break the advertising vehicles. The new system will be its original power supply system and lighting system into a solar power system and LED light guide plate lighting system, through solar power, LED light guide plate combination of lighting the way to create the best advertising light box effect.
1, easy installation, no need to trenching cabling.
2, energy and zero cost; inexhaustible.
3, easy to use and flexible, light box easy to move.
4, using safe, worry-free from an electric shock of fire.
5, long life, easy to maintain, switch intelligent control.
6, use of renewable energy, green environmental protection.
Refuses to Environmental pollution, share green energy

Guangzhou 3hz Solar Technology Co., Ltd

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