Wind And Solar Hybrid Power System

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Guangzhou 3hz Solar Technology Co., Ltd


Wind and Solar hybrid Power System
Wind and Solar hybrid Power System makes use of solar and wind power to generate electricity simultaneously, therefore it can utilize weather resources more effectively. Generating electricity day and night can be realized. In appropriate weather conditions, Wind and Solar complementary system can improve the continuity and stability of generation. As there is always strong wind at night, the product can complement well, it would reduce the system's solar panel deployment and greatly cut the cost. The initial investment and generation cost of system's unit capacity are lower than independent photovoltaic system.

The Wind and Solar complementary system manufactured by Guangzhou 3Hz technology Co.Ltd is mixed-mode technology product.It can exploit the advantages of wind and solar source for generation to the full, realize self-sufficient generation and no need to connect with national electrified wire netting. It is no need for ditching and wiring, easy to construct, low cost and high profit return. Our product's advantages are polysilicon (silicon) solar cell power generation; magnetic suspension for wind generation; auto deflexion, controller, overcharge, over discharge, overload, short circuit reverse; maintenance-free battery; micro-computer time controller, AC and DC output.We can design the most appropriate sets for different users according to their demand.

Guangzhou 3hz Solar Technology Co., Ltd

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