Scangauge Plus

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Rotation Technology Limited


The ScanGauge Plus allows you to troubleshoot your own car, read error codes, and the conditions present when the error occurred. You can also turn off the "Check Engine" light and avoid those costly trips to the mechanic.
-- Reads Trouble Codes
-- Reads conditions that set the Trouble Code
-- Clears Trouble Codes
-- Turns off the "Check Engine" light
-- Tells you when vehicle is "Ready" to pass OBDII testing
-- Make and store up to 10 rewritable special codes to send to the vehicle computer

Trip Computer
Automatically tracks four sets of trip data - Each with 11 individually stored parameters.
-- Maximum Speed
-- Average Speed
-- Maximum Coolant Temperature
-- Maximum RPM
-- Driving Time
-- Driving Distance
-- Fuel Used
-- Trip Fuel Economy
-- Distance to Empty
-- Time to Empty
-- Fuel to Empty

Digital Gauges
Display 4 gauges at a time from the 12 built-in digital gauges. The information is presented in Real-time!
-- Fuel Economy
-- Fuel Rate
-- Battery Voltage
-- Coolant Temperature
-- Intake Air Temperature
-- Engine Speed (RPM)
-- Vehicle speed (MPH)
-- Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)
-- Engine Load
-- Throttle Position
-- Ignition Timing
-- Open/Closed Loop

Rotation Technology Limited

  • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1997
  • Main Markets: Whole World
  • Product Focus: E85 Conversion Kit, E85 Conversion, Scangauge, Bioethanol Conversion, Ethanol Conversion
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