Auto Car Methanol Conversion Kit Converter

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Rotation Technology Limited


Methanol Conversion kits allowing gasoline only vehicles to run on Methanol as an alternative fuel. This product installs as a plug and play device in the vehicles fuel Injection system, by means of rerouting the signal from the E. C. M. to the fuel injectors.

Rotation Technology Limited provides OEM manufacturing service for world distributors on car methanol conversion industry; currently we are looking for responsible distributors / dealers, with solid experience in ethanol conversion kit business. Our kits are the most reliable in the market. When you use a conversion kit on your car you will see an immediate increase in horse power. You will also notice considerably smoother engine idle. For more information about our product, pls refer to our product user manual or installation manual.

Our methanol kit can apply on, upto 100% pure methanol, with four working fuel types: M100, M85 (85% methanol + 15% gasoline), M50 and pure gasoline.

Time now, we are supplying 4-Cylinder Kit, with connector types available for EV1, EV6, Honda, Delphi, Nippondenso & Toyota. Sample kit or test kit connector available for EV1 and Nippon Denso.

Rotation Technology Limited

  • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1997
  • Main Markets: Whole World
  • Product Focus: E85 Conversion Kit, E85 Conversion, Scangauge, Bioethanol Conversion, Ethanol Conversion
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