Dynamic Mixed Chenille Computerized Embroidery Mac

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Richpeace Group Co., Ltd


Main features & Functions

--With main specification same as flat embroidery machine.

--Automatic color change: manually automatically change color.

--Feedback control function: make the needle and presser hoop’s movement more precise and up for the most stable embroidery effect.

--Low noise design: with mini model motors, and advanced electronic technique, it realizes low noise.

--Automatic raising function: needle and fabric presser shaft will be up 27mm automatically after embroidery finishing, for easy frames changing operation.

--Alternative types of embroidery: without changing embroidery machines you can realize which embroidery you want to do by selecting in a very efficient way between flat embroidery and chenille embroidery.

--Automatically adjust the height of chenille needle according to the embroidery --design: getting different chenille embroidery effects by choosing manually or automatically 10 different heights of the chenille stitch.

--Mixed embroidery function: automatic change between flat embroidery heads and chenille heads during mixed embroidery design working process, make easy the mixed type embroidery jobs.

--Stitch length: 0.1mm—12.7mm.

Mixed Chenille computerized embroidery machinePRED-MC:1-3 heads, 4-8 heads, 9-13 heads;

unmixed Chenille computerized embroidery machineRPED-CS:1-3 heads, 4-8 heads, 9-14 heads;

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