Dynamic Rhinestone Computerized Embroidery Machine

Price : 1.00
Quantity : 10 (set)
Minimum Order : 1
Product Status : New
Sample Available : yes
Shipment Terms : fob
Payment Mode : Cash,cheque,Credit Card
Categories : Machinery, Machinery for Garment, Shoes & Accessories, Textile Machinery
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Richpeace Group Co., Ltd


Main features & functions

--Complicated mixed embroidery can be accomplished efficiently and accurately with one machine by changing manually or automatically among flat embroidery, sequin embroidery and ultrasonic hot-fix rhinestone.

--Rhinestone embroidery machine can fix different sizes and color of rhinestone on many kinds of fabric. It is unique and with high production ability by combining rhinestone with embroidery work. It can work universally embroidery products on fashion dress, shoes, shoes, fashion accessories, interior craftwork etc.

--Multi-function: mixed type of embroidery with standard, sequin embroidery and ultrasonic hot-fix represent outstanding integration between machinery and electronics.

--High quality: less thread breakage and better embroidering quality at high speed.

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