Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

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Yongjia Goole Valve Co.,ltd


Cast trunnion mounted Ball Valve series. It has fire-proof and antistatic design .No-direction limit for installing , wide usage, reasonable price, easy operation

Characteristics of API Ball Valve

1. Design and manufacture of ptoduct according to American state standard ANSI B16.34, American petroleum institute standard API608 API6D.
2. Liquid resistance smallest of all type of valve.
3. Open quickly, only turn on 90 degree may finilsh open and close.
4. Seat material use teflon or R-teflon, low friction, seal reliable open and close lightly.
5. Movement of ball on the middle of valve seat has wipe function so may suit medium of suspending granule.
6. Stem use back seal and hyperbatic structre which may prevent medium to striking stem on the condition of pressure.
7. According to the need of consumer, may design for anti-static electricity, fireproop and use a locker to prevent wrong operator.
8. Body of ball can be floated or fixed accordance with the of strength of opening and closing. Seat of fixed ball valve floatablerealize seal purpose depend on piston effect of medium pressure so to lighten the strength of open and close.

STD (Fire -Droof、electicity Protect)


Desing And Manufacture

Face to face /End to end

Flange Dimension

Pressure and Temperature

lnspection and test

Split flange ball valve
Fixed flange valver

BS5351 API6D

ASME B16.10

ASME B16.5

ASME B16.34


Yongjia Goole Valve Co.,ltd

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