Ft14 Ball Float Steam Trap

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FT14 ball float steam trap (Threaded)

Spirax Sarco Type FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap is a condensate Drain Trap with Cast Steel or Cast Iron Body with Stainless steel internals.

Pressure Rating: 1.6- 2.5Mpa

Specification: DN15-25

Material: cast steel

Standard screwed: NPT

Quick Details for FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
  • Pressure: PN16~40
  • Power: Manual
  • Material: Casting
  • Temperature of Media: -196?~600?
  • Media: W.O.G
  • Port Size: DN15~400
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: OEM
  • color: blue

FT14 Lever Ball Float Steam Trap Advantages:

Lowest working pressure:0.01mpa
The lowest supercooling degree:0
Energy conservation effects:95%

FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap Structural characteristic
1.The valve adopts two kinds of sealing, e, g, balance double valve seat and single valve seat with reliable closedown and long life.
2.There's always condensate water available in front of the valve with reliable water sealing and non-leakage of steam.
3.No noise before operation in favor of environmental protection.
4.At the beginning of ventilation, all the valves start and lowtemperature condensate water and air are rapidly expelled to greatly shorten the start time for equipment.
5.Internal component is made of stainless steel, corrosion and cavitation erosion proof.

FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap main technical parameters and indexes of performance

Nominal pressure PN16
Maximun design pressure(PMA) 16bar g @ 120
Maximun design temperature(TMA) 250 @ 13bar g
Minimun design temperature(TMI) -10
Maximun upstream pressure for saturated steam service(PMO) 14bar g
Maximun operating temperature(TMO) 250 @ 13bar g
Minimun operating temperature(TMIO) 0
Maximun differential pressure( PMX ) FT14-4.5 4.5bar
FT14 -10 10bar
FT14 -14 14bar
Maximum cold hydraulic test pressure 24bar g

FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap material of main component :

Name of component Material of component
Valve body, valve cover WCB
Floating ball stainless steel

FT14 Ball Float Steam Trap connecting dimension

15 121 107
20 121 107
25 150 107

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Minimum Order:1

FT14 ball float steam trap (Threaded)

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