Din / Api Globe Valve

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Yongjia Goole Valve Co.,ltd


Pressure Rating : 1.0-4.0Mpa
Specification : DN15-DN500
Material : GS-C25, CF8, CF3

Standard flanges :DIN

Product Structural Features:

DIN Standard Bellow Sealed globe valve ( Os & Y Type ) is applied to various kinds of working conditions of pipelines such as petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, fertilizer, and power industry, etc, under nominal pressure in the PN1.6-40 MPa and operating temperature at -20 – 350℃, that is used to cut off or connected to the pipeline medium.

Main Structural Features:

  • This product has logical structure, reliable seal, excellent performance and nice design.
  • Sealing face is overlayed by STL, which is friction-resistant, corrosion-resistant to ensure a long time use life.
  • Stem Heat-Treatment and surface nitriding-treatment to sure function of corrosion-resistance and friction-resistance.
  • It has double seal, thus the capability is more reliable.
  • The stem may show the position of lift, thus it is more clearer.
  • The parts material, flange and butt welding dimension may selected according to current operating condition or users’s requirement to meeting the requirements of various engineering.
  • Technical Specification:

    Construction: BB-BG-OS&Y

    Operation: Manual, Pneumatic

    Design Standard: DIN3356

    Face to Face Dimension: DIN3202

    Flange Ends: DIN2543-2545


    Yongjia Goole Valve Co.,ltd

    • Bussiness Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 2006
    • Main Markets: Whole World
    • Product Focus: Pressure Reducing Valve , Steam Trap, Y Type Strainer, Bellow Seal Globe Valve, Gate Valve
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