Meter for Liquid & Gas Machinery

Leak Discover Kits
leak discover kits components of kits: code type quantity 0701-a leak tracer lamp 1 0701-b cleaner 12 0701-c r134a tracer reagent 6 0701-d r134a tracer reagent 1 0701-e battery clip 1 0701-f plug adapter 1 0701-g needle charger 1 0701-h one-side valve 1 0701-i pipe charger 1 ...
Hydraulic Tester
1.3 components of instrumentation: myht portable hydraulic tester consists of the testing system and data system. the testing system includes simulation loading valve, pressure meter, flow meter and temperature meter. different physical parameters of the hydraulic system are converted into ...
Ultrasonic Level Meter
sy-rs type ultrasonic level meter local display 1. a main function ▲ can be calibrated on-line in different environments ▲ 2 sets of setting limits , can be used for water, wine, sugar, beverages, etc. level control ▲ level difference can be set directly for various tank liquid level measure...
Magnetic Level Gauge
magnetic level indicator, magnetic level meter,magnetic level transmitter
Float Level Switch
p/n:ls-218 float level switches,level switch, float ball level switchlsaz-80-p is a horizontal internal molevel switch, float ball level switchunting level switches, made of plastic (pp), lower cost, with m16 mounting threads. if you needed, it can be made of nylon plastic material.
Mechanical Diesel Flowmeter
fuel mechanical flowmeter(diesel flowmeter)..
Paperless Recorder
paperless recorder input signal analog input: thermocouple b,r,s,k,e,t,j,w rtd pt100,cu50 voltage 0-5v 1-5v 0-100mv 0-20mv current 0-10ma 4-20ma pulses input: rectangular wave, since wave or tri...
Pressure Transducer
pressure sensor, pressure transducer, pressure indicator pressure sensor. all stainless steel sealed construction, corrosion-resistance, various configuration, wide temperature compensation, consummate linearity, signal output is multifarious,zero and span adjustable, with oem process optional. rang...
Turbine Flowmeter
turbine flowmeter(gas meter, flow meter) lwgq gas turbine flowmeter is high accuracy meter which can be widely used in the fields of air,natural gas etc low pressure loss hi-accuracy popularly: +/-1.0% special calibrated: +/-0.5% low velocity: min velocity of flow should be less than 1.5m/s co...
Variable Area Flowmeter
rotameter( pipeline meter, panel flow meters)variable area flowmeter; float type flowmeter1. accuracy: 4%; duplicate accuracy: 0.25% 2. maximum pressure: 1mpa 3. maximum temperature: 80centigrade degree4. body material: pmma5. float material: stainless steel6. leader material: stainless steel 7. th...
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