Assembly Line & Production Line Machinery

Brass Inserts
web: www grandmfgcn com e-mail: grandmfgcn at yahoo com hose fitting, brass hose connector, brass hose barb, brass nipple, brass reducer, brass nut, brass cap, brass rings, brass inserts 1.raw material: copper/brass 2.technics: forged 3.connections: male 4.size: suitable for general wat...
Paper Egg Tray Making Egg Tray Machine
pulp moulding is a technology to recycle the waste paper and make it to egg trays and cushions with the effect of the vacuum and compressed air. the main process of pulp moulding includes pulping, forming, drying and hot pressing. hghy, as the pioneer in pulp molding industry in china, has designe...
 Egg Tray Machine(pulp Molding)
the egg tray machine main facility is used to turn pulp to wet blank with special shape. 1) fixed 12 mould plates (platens), with larger capacity and higher forming efficiency. 2) to satisfy the need for single style products, such as egg trays, fruit trays, and bottle trays. 3) working s...
Egg Tray Machine, Egg Tray Making Machine
egg tray machine 1. egg tray machines mainly produce pulp molded products, such as egg tray, egg box, fruit tray,coffee tray. 2,the materials for molded pulp products are waste paper, corrugatedpaper, waste newspaper and magazine. 3, rotary pulp forming machine, 4pcs forming platen. 4,...
Pulp Molding Production Line
we supply new pulp molding production lines. at present. hghy has developed all types of pulp molding production lines worldwide. the reliable quality and good service gains good reputation for hghy. the pulp molding production lines are designed to produce egg trays, fruit trays and other types o...
Fruit Tray And Coffee Tray Machine
above is e1000type is use to make the pulp molding packing products
Industrial Pack Equipment
our company developed many pulp molding production lines with different specifications to meet customer's requirements. the main raw material is wasted paper and can be collected easily at low cost, meanwhile the main energy used to dry pulped products can be choosed among 0# diesel, oil, natural ...
Top Class Egg Tray(pulp Molding)
using waste paper as raw material, we produce different types of egg trays in best quality according to customers' design. the egg trays are environmentally friendly and recyclable. more information, please search on our website:
 Egg Tray Machinery,egg Tray Production
hghy egg tray machinery is designed to produce egg trays and types of pulp cushions with waste paper. we use the parts with world famouse brand which can guarantee the stablity of machines. hghy egg tray machinery is famouse for its reliability, automation and energy saving.
Automatic Molding Pulp Machine
moulded pulp machines are designed to produce types of molded pulp cushions like egg trays and industrial packages. first, using this system, we can make the paper into pulp, then make the pulp into different shapes with the help of vacuum. after that we need to dry wet products by dryers or sunshin...
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