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Chinese Learning - Learning  Chinese
if you want to know more about chinese culture or study the long history of china, if you want to work or live in china, or if you have to use chinese in your work or life, you'd better learn some chinese at least. if you want to learn chinese or need to learn mandarin or any chinese dialect, we wil...
Social Audit Consulting
sa8000 is the abbreviation of social accountability 8000, which is the first international ethical standard and code in the world. the purpose of sa8000 is to ensure the related factory production condition can meet the requirements of social accountability code. we assist the product manufacturers ...
Lenticular Tech Training
first, we are a many years experience in lenticular products, professional company, and our graphic effect can be made:3d,flip,morph and zoom. second, we teach with a responsible, making every effort, without reservation principle. base on the above two points, we fervently believe it is as long a...
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