Fur Fabric Textile

Horse Hair For Brush
horse tail hair is used as brush fiber full size rate up to 90%
Horse Hair For Violin Bow
horse tail hair is used for bow hair our horse tail hair are from north of china,mongolia,siberia. our worker pick up the hair by hand 1 time to 5 up times. ...
Horse Tail Hair
horse tail hair horse tail hair and horse mane hair horse tail hair: double drawn in the color of white, black, gray, brown and mixed; single drawn in the color of white, black, gray, brown and mixed; refined horse tail hair. horse mane hair: single drawn horse mane hair in the color...
Bow Hair For String Of Musical Instruments
bow hair bow hair for string of musical instruments horse tail hair at the length of 24" up is mainly used as strings of musical instruments. we supply bow hair in the color of natural white, black and mixed. color: white, black, mixedspecification and measurement: inch24",25",26",27",28",29",30...
High Pile Plush,artificial Fur,fake Fur
100%polyester or acrylic and polyester or acrylic blended can be compounded with various fabrics through water-gel bonding and sponge bonding. ideal fabric for adult dress, kid's wear and also fit for making blankets, hats, dolls, gloves, cushions etc. weight ,width, pile length and colors are a...
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