Linen Textile

100% Linen, Linen/cotton, Linen/viscosen Fabric
as you know, we are strongly producing yarn dyed fabrics. we can supply cotton fabric, linen fabric, linen/cotton fabric, linen/viscose fabric, ramie fabric, ramie/cotton fabric, acrylic fabric, t/r fabric,etc. to you. they can be shirting, flannel, seersucker, oxford,chambray,fil-a-fil, herribone,...
Knitted Fabric
supply hemp cotton 55/45 of knitted fabric
Sisal Rope
sisal rope is made from high-quality sisal fiber with a three strand twisted construction. it is biodegradable however has a natural resistance to sunlight and weather allowing a reasonable long life in external applications. sisal rope is suitable for tying down loads on trailers, trucks and for fa...
Yarn Dyed Fabric
we produce various kinds of yarn dyed fabrics such ascotton, t/c, t/r, cvc, linen, linen/cotton,linen/viscose, ramie, ramie/cotton, wool ,wool/polyester,acrylic, etc. and their stretch fabric, for quality , they can be poplin, twill, check or stripe ordobby, seersucker,flannel, oxford, fil-a-fil, d...
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