Sack & Bag for Packing Textile

Fibc Bag
fibc bag,bulk bag fabric: u. v. stabilized polypropylene fabric size:60 x 60 x h cm to 120 x 120 x h cm waterproof: polyethylene liner or lamination lifting: 4 loops, 3 loops , 2 loops safe working load: 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg safely factory: 5: 1 print: 3color...
Dry Bulk Container Liner
bulk container liner,also called bulk liner, dry bulk liner, container liner. which, as a more economical and convenient means than traditional woven bags and ton bags, has been used in the growing market of granules, powders products' transport. it can be loaded with large quantity of solid...
Baffle Bag,baffled Bag,
baffle bag (q-bag) baffled bag are more stable and bulge less than conventional bags. with baffle bag an internal supporting baffle is sewn across the corners and helps maintain a cubic shape. heat-cut or ultrasonic-cut holes in the baffles ensure the flow of material into the corners dur...
Bulk Bag
bulkbag , fibc bag, jumbo bag 1) style: u+2 panel or tubular style 2) color: white, yellow, green, dark 3) weight capacity: from 500kgs to 2000kgs at sf 5:1 4) lamination: available 5) top: filling spout / open top / duffle (skirt) top 6) bottom: close flat / discharge spout 7) lifting: ...
Bulk Bag
bulk bag u + 2 panel / circular style top:filling spout/duffle (skirt) spout/open top bottom:flat closed bottom/discharge spout lifting loops:cross corner or side seam loops uv stabilization coated or pe :available printing: 4s3c doc pouch:a4 lable:available
Ventilated Bag
special fabric: potato bulk bag (tote bag) is made from a unique woven polypropylene fabric with ventilation lines; which provides air flow through the bag during transport and storage. the ventilation lines prevent the potatoes and onion from sprouting.
Pp Woven Bag
we are supplier of pp woven bag, pp woven shopping bags, non woven bags, eco-friendly bags, carry bags, shopping bags, designer bags, industrial bags, fashion bags, paper bags, kraft paper bags, jute sack, offset printed bags, plastic bags, tote bags, canvas bags etc.pp woven bagsfeatures: 1) materi...
Bulk Bag
Jumbo Bag
Big Bag
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