Silk Textile

Lanyard,polyester Lanyard,nylon Lanyard
we can produce various lanyards according to your need, such as polyester lanyard,nylon lanyard,screenprint logo lanyard, heat transfer lanyard, tubular lanyard and so on. welcome to contact me, i am glad to cooperate with you.
Polyester Mesh For Printing Dvd/cd
screen printing is one of the first printing processes used to decorate optical discs (cd/dvd) since they were first introduced as media for music, data storage, electronic games and movies. screen printing offers several key characteristics that make it an attractive method for printing optical dis...
Polyester/nylon Mesh Filter Discs
share filtration produces and customizes special filter discs made of polyester mesh, nylon mesh and stainless steel wire mesh. polyester mesh/nylon/polyamide mesh filter discs are available at different shapes, which are subject to customers' drawing or design. share filtration's producing capabil...
Plastic Screens And Filters
the screen filters are actually molded into the plastic part. share filtration can use plastic or stainless screens in the molding process. depending on the size of the part a multi-cavity mold can be manufactured to increase production. secondary post molding operations are sometimes required to co...
Over-molded Plastic Filters With Screen
a wide range of filter elements and filtration degrees are available for amiad's plastic filters. screen elements the screen elements are constructed of molded plastic ribs that support a stainless steel weave-wire screen or monofil polyester weave screen with filtration degrees from 22 to 800 micr...
Barbed Wire
wire materials: galvanized steel wire, pvc coated iron wire in blue, green, yellow and other colors. general use: barbed wire mainly serves in protecting of grass boundary, railway, highway, etc.
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