Benzene & Derivative Organic Chemicals Chemicals

item specifications supper class first class qualified color (platinum-cobalt), hazen units ≤ 10 20 - assay (hcooh), % ≥ 90.0 85.0 85.0 dilution test(acid: water=1:3) not turbid pass - chloride (cl-), % ≤ 0.003 0.005 ...
Phthalic Anhydride
packaging & delivery packaging detail: 25kg/bag delivery detail 15 days or asap specifications phthalic anhydride 99.5% cas no: 85-44-9 chemical formula: c8h4o3 einecs: 201-604-9 phthalic anhydride 99.5% cas no: 85-44-9 chemical formula: c8h4o3 einecs: 201-604-9 use: it is widely applied to plasti...
Phthalic Anhydride 99.8%
1. use for industrial 2. white flakes or white crystal 3. soluble in water appearance: white scales or crystalloid powder white microstrip other tonal scales or crystalloid powder. usage: phthalic anhydride is an important organic chemical raw materials, mainly for the produc...
it is white or light yellow powder or solid content, used to configure civil detergent, dyeing auxiliaries, papermaking, anionic surfactant
Selling K12
it is white powder with special flavour can also do liquid, used for detergent, fangzhizhuji wool detergent, mine extinguishing agent.
Selling Sles
it is colorless to light yellow colloidal paste used for various detergent.
Selling Labsa
it is brown viscous liquid used for various detergent and cosmetics.
Sell Boric Acid Skype :jiaochemical
tianjin ji ao chemical co.,ltd is one of biggest manufacturer of industrial chemical in north of china, specialized in basic chemical raw material manufacturing and supplying! our main products include:pigments/dyestuff: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, lithopone, sulfur blackrubber chemicals: carbon b...
product name:labsa specifications:96% product remarks:brown viscous liquid product category:cleaning raw materials product description: name:labsa 96% chemical formula:r-c6h4-so3h appearance:brown viscous liquid testing items:standard active matter,% min:96 free oil,% max:2.0 inorganic...
Mould Silicone Rubber M-20p
rtv-2 condensation/tin cured soft silicone rubber(m-20p soft hardness) applications rtv-2 silicone rubber is for small production moldmaking.and molds for of parts in various materials( plaster, wax ,reconstituted stone, various resins(epoxy, acrylic, polyester), mortar, silicone elas...
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