Alkali Inorganic Chemicals Chemicals

Ammonium Polyphosphate
ammonium polyphosphate (phase-ii) molecular formula: (nh4po3) n n>1000 cas no.: 68333-79-9 einecs no.: 269-789-9 hs code: 28353990 model no.: tf-fr201 ammonium polyphosphate (phase ii) is a non-halogen flame retardant. it acts as flame retardant by intumescence mechanism. when app...
Caustic Soda
molecular formula: naoh; pure white flake; purity:96%;99%; cas no.: 1310-73-2; un no.: 1823;
Aluminum Hydroxide
molecular formula: al (oh) 3 molecular weight: 78 relative density: 2.42 melting point: 300 o c (absence of crystal water) properties: it's inorganic salt. it's white crystal powder. it's insolvable in water and alcohol and soluble in inorganic acid and caustic soda. application: in chemical in...
Potassium Hydroxide
we are offering potassium hydroxide: cas no::1310-58-3 hs code: 28152000 packing: plastics plastics bags,25kgs, 500kgs and 1,000kgs each. koh: 95.0 k2co3: 0.5 chloride (cl): 0.005 fe: 0.0005 sulfate (so42-) :0.005 nitrate&nitrite (n): 0.0005 na :0.8 phosphate (po4): 0.005 silica (sio3): 0.01 al: 0.0...
Aluminium Hydroxide
general industry grade aluminum hydroxide is mainly used for water treatment, glass making, medicine, paper making, aluminum fluoride and aluminum sulfate. * item sn-80w moisture <6% al (oh) 3 >99.5% sio2 <0.04% fe2o3 <0.02% na2o <0.3% sol-na2o <0.03% size (um) 60-80 oil absorption 37-43 package: 25...
Caustic Soda Pearl
caustic soda flake/solid (q/ssj001-2001) item membrane sodium hydroxide (naoh)% (m/m) 99.0( 0.5) sodium carbonate (na2co3) % (m/m) 1.0 sodium chloride (nacl)% (m/m) 0.2 erric oxide (fe2o3) % (m/m) 0.01
Caustic Soda Flakes
product name :caustic soda flakes 98.5% description: test standard result standard result naoh ≥99.0 98.5% min na2co3 ≤0.5 0.3 max nacl ≤0.03 0.006 max fe2o3 ≤0.005 0.001 max
Caustic Soda Pearls And Flakes
caustic soda pearls and flakes caustic soda flake, pearl or solid crystal, white purity 99% 98% 96% 25/1000kg pp/pe bag better price! high quality! caustic soda flake, pearl, solid specification: item first grade second grade naoh 99.0%min 96.0%min na2co3 0.6%max 1.3...
99.2% Soda Ash Light
99.2% soda ash light 1:manufacturer supplier 2:competitive price 3:great quality 4:first-class service package:40/50 kg woven bag, 25 metric ton/metric tons applications soda ash dense mainly used in chemical industry, glass, metallurgy, paper, dyeing, synthetic washes and petro chemistry etc....
Sodium Hydroxide Flake
product: caustic soda have flake, solid and pearls white translucent .it is a basic chemical raw material, widely used in papermaking, synthetic detergent and soap, viscose fiber, rayon and cotton fabrics and other textile industries, pesticides, dyes, rubber and chemical industry respect, the oil ...
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