Door & Window Hardware Construction & Decoration

Window Screen,insect Screen
materials:including low carbon steel wire.stainless steel wire.chemical fibre al-mg alloy wire.galvanized wire.pvc wire.aluminium wire. weaving and characteristic:weaving including i mould and ii is light,the toughness is fine.corrosion-resisting.ventilate.clear easily and artistic. uses...
Soft Closing Hinges--hh101
soft closing hinges: fully overlay/half overylay/inserted1.hinges type: clip on2.hinges material: cold-rolled steel3.opening angle: 95 -105 degree4.diameter of hinge cup: 35mm5.depth of hinge cup: 11.5mm 6.possible drilling distance on the door: 14mm -16mm
Soft Closing Slides--hz145
soft closing slides: three section 1.width: 45mm2.length: 250mm-700mm3.thickness: 1.2*1.2*1.5, 1.2*1.2*1.2, 1.0*1.0*1.04.material: cold-rolled steel5.finished: zinc plated,black zinc plated6.load capacity: 45kg/450mm
45mm Ball Bearing Slides--hz645
1.width:45mm2.length: 250mm-700mm3.thickness:1.2*1.2*1.5,1.2*1.2*1.2,1.0*1.0*1.04.material:cold-rolled steel5.finished:zinc plated,black zincplated6.load capacity:450kg/450mm
Shelf Support--hp101
shelf support/shelf bracket:/shelf holder: finished: nickel plated size: 25mm
Plastic Angle Bracket--hp402
clour: white/transparent/yellow/browm/grey material: plastic size:42*28
Zn-alloy Tube Holder--hp501
zn-alloy tube holder: diameter:16mm/19mm
Nylon Castor--hp701
nylon castor: material: nylon diameter: 30mm/35mm/40mm/50mm
Glass Clamp--hp202
glass board: finished: chrome-plated suitable for less then 8mm board
Minifix Cam--hp611
insert: 8mm/10mm tube: 32mm/35mm/40mm cam: 11mm,14mm
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