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Optical Bk7 Glass Wedge Prism
wedge prism is commonly used in laser system for eliminating the reflections from the second surface or for beam steering. standard and broadband antireflection coatings are available upon request, see our standard optics components below. specification of our wedge prism as follow: *material:bk7 or...
72mm Wide Angle Converter Lens For Digital Cameras
features of our wide angle lens: -high definition lens. -steel barrel construction. -multicoated optical glass. -high resolution precision optics, day or night. -suitable for all major brands of digital cameras including canon, nikon, minolta, pentax, sony and olympus kodak. -color available: silver...
Diffraction Grating/holographic Grating
gratings are critical components in a variety of spectroscopic instrumentation.they are quite useful in analytical instruments,ranging from food analysis to plastics manufacturing and process quality assurance.they are also ideal for applications in optical communications,biotechnology, colorimetry,...
0.65x Projector Conversion Lens
china star optics is an professional manufacturer in china for aftermarket photographic lenses.0.65x projector lens.current lens will be have dark angle for any projector,if the distance is 5mm from the attach lens to projection lens ,they have not dark length of the projector lens is 10...
67mm Wide Angle Conversion Lens
we handle a complete line of lenses suitable for photographic works.such as wide angle lens,telephoto lens,fisheye lens,projector lens and adapter rings,adapter tubes etc.many lenses available from stock and many others available on special order. features of our wide angle lens: -high definition le...
Studio Flash Light Strobe Lamp For Photography
dongguan ryel photoelectric co., ltd , (dancerfate888[at]sina[doc]com) is a professional flash tube in china, strobe lamp manufacturer, the company can manufacture various types and specifications of flash tube, the production of products will be used in different sectors. the main products are: fla...
250w Studio Light Lamp Bulb
the main products are: flash tube, strobe lamp, burst flash lamp, network standard lamps, warning lamp. camera flash tube, and so on, and shape of the product are: straight, circular, u-shaped, the doors, spiral. and k-type, and so on, power line with: 1~10000ws.
projector mini -projector lamp , more than 20000hs contrast rate : 800*600
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