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Redy.gmi Gene Enzyme Factor Powder + Menstruum
brand - ami.amen key word - allergy treatment, bloodshot treatment, capillary vessel repair, epidermis repair, improve the skin compatibility vial size - 3ml+3ml (daily care, mesotherapy), 3ml+10ml (dermal matrix therapy) description - redy.gmi works on the skin cells, to enhance the cells ability...
brand _ ami.amen constituent _ rmw.gmi menstruum, rmw.gmi lyophilized powder , rmw.gmi nutrient solution keyword _ rejuvenating, moisturing, brightening
Sell Natural Soap
natural soap the gentle way to wash away germs and bacteria. made with lemon oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil,ginger oil,chamomile oil,rose oil and so on. our formula contains triclosan, a safe, antibacterial ingredient that helps prevent bacterial growth on the skin. natural fragrances derived from...
Sell Flower Soap
flower soap,soap flower,soap confetti romantic fragrance & fantastic beauty! new ideas in gift toiletries! this soap with delicate fragrance makes an ideal decoration for your washstand & luxurious guest soap. when washing your face & hands, use one petal or some leaf, and sweet fragrance will spre...
Botulinum Toxin-botox Typea 100unite
used for remove wrinkle
Hyaluronic Acid Filler,wrinkle Filler
1. fine line: fore head lines,crow's feet, earlobe augumention,peri-oral wrinkle,laugh line 2. derm: glabellar lines , naso-labial folds, oral commissures, lip contouring, lip augumention, laugh lines 3. derm deep type: cheek augumention,naso-labial folds,oral commissure,c...
Eyelash Remover
the cleaner of cosmetic glue the remover is one appointed solvent cleaner for cosmetic, it can dissolve the eyelash glue which have been polymeric in order to remove the eyelash glue from the surface of the eyelashes or separate the eyelashes conveniently.
Hair Extension Glue
it is for bonding various kinds of false hair and wigs. the hair extension can last for 1-3 months or even longer after treatment the hair can be perm,dyeing, hair care and nutrition after 24 hours.
Nail Glue
help your finger looks slender. it is for bonding various kinds of false nail. diy diamond nail ( pink, transparent, gel), no harmful to hands and nail, easy to remove, lasting and natural. website:
Double Eyelids Glue
double eyelids glue is a new products of youxing, it is ideal for making double eyelids and easy to use, making you eyes look nice and charming website:
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