Fluorescent Light Bulb & Lamp Lights & Lighting

Led T5 Tube Light,t5 Led Tube Lights,t5 Led--t5-8w
led t5 tube light--t5-8w code: t5-8w led type: 3528smd led pcs: 144pcs size(mm): 1200x16mm power(watt): 8w lumin(lm): 1000-1150lm input voltage: 85-265vac 50-60hz emitting colors: 2700-8000k shape colors: s/f/p equivalent to traditional power: 20w average life time: 50,000-100,000 hours features : 1...
Grille Ceilling Fixture (louver Fittings)
1. light material: body is made of 0.5mm steel with white powder coated, under the treatment of rust, oil removed and rustproof, with powder coated, reflector is made of mirror or matt aluminium material, aluminium mesh cover with white powder coated is in the center of louver. 2. feature: thin and...
T5 Light Bracket (t5 Fluorescent Lamp)
1. base is made of pvc plastic material with on/off swith. 2. diffuser is made of clear ps material. 3. white end caps. 4. options of electronic ballast. 5. can be combined into one by one. 6. tube information: t5 8w, 14w, 21w, 28w, 35w 7. application: cabinet, furniture, shopping center and o...
T5 Engineering Lamp
specification: 8w, 14w, 21w, 28w, 35w, etc. cbm: 32*40*90/12pcs 60*40*90/12pcs 90*40*90/12pcs 160*40*90/12pcs it strictly meets international security standard, adopts t5 professional high quality electronic ballast, of which components have past particular test. use tri...
T8 Engineering Lamp
specification: 10w, 20w, 28w, 35w, 40w, 2*10w, 2*30w, etc. cbm: 32*40*90/12pcs 60*40*90/12pcs 93*20.5*19/30pcs 123*23.5*19/30pcs 156*23.5*19/30pcs use tri-color fluorescent powder, can be started at a low voltage 150v, no flickering. long lifetime is over 8000h, energy s...
T12 40w Fluorescent Lamp
t12 40w fluorescent lamp watts:10w,15w,20w,30w,40w ,58w voltage: 110v/220v 50hz/60hz life:5000hrs power: halogen
T5 13w Fluorescent Lamp
model: t4/t5 fluorescent lampwatts: 6w,8w,13w,14w,21w,35w,39w,54wlife lime:8000hrsbase:g5power: halogon,triphosphor,mix power
T10 20w Fluorescent Lamp
t10 20w fluorescent lamp watts:10w,15w,20w,30w,40w ,58w voltage: 110v/220v 50hz/60hz life:5000hrs power: halogen
T8 18w Fluorecsent Lamp
t8 t8 18w fluorescent lamp watts:10w,15w,20w,30w,40w,58w voltage:110v/220v 50hz/60hz power:halogen,triphosphor life:5000hrs,8000hrs base:g13 the quanlity per day :20000pcs
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