Rustic Tile Brick & Tile Construction & Decoration

Antique Tile, Antique Ceramic Tile
antique ceramic tile, antique floor tile features:1. sizes:30cm x 30cm x 7.4mm or 8mm, 33cm x 33cm x 8mm, 40cm x 40cm x 7.8mm, 45cm x 45cm x 7.6mm 2. glazed or rustic surface 3. absorption rate: <1.0% 4. good abrasion and chemical corrosion resistance 5. resistant to thermal shock package: foam...
Used Brick
used brick 1.passed astm and ce certification.forty years limited quality warranty. 2.can stand strong impact and various climates. 3.fastest delivery,saving more storage cost at your end. 4.durable, hight quality, permanent, colorfast 5.various colors & large quantity of brick ...
Artificial Stone(qy-10002)
artificial stone/cultured stone/mountail ledge stone mountain ledge panels are shaped like mountain ledge stones but they are precast as a panel system to facilitate ease of installation where larger stones are needed for a greater expanse or height they range from 9 to 51cm in length, 2.5 to 6cm...
Artificial Brick(qy-40029 )
commonly known as archaize bricks by handmade with kiln-fired texture and antique effect enhances a multitude of building designs average size range: from 1.0 to 1.8cm heights and 18.6 to 20cm lengths
Artificial Stone(qy-99011)
this series has a natural appeal, just as if they are naturally piled up by some natural stones, which present an ancient effect rugged texture provides an ancient and natural visual sense its beauty is timeless while installation is easy natural and rugged character complements a wide variety o...
Cultured Brick(qy-41003)
commonly known as archaized brick by handmade with kiln-fired texture and antique effect perfect for exterior and interior walls designs average size is range from 1.0 to 1.8cm heights and 19.3 to 20cm lengths
Paving Stone(df-002)
artificial stone/cultured stone high quality, beautiful and natural external appearance widely used for the floor ornaments of the interior and exterior of the building as well as the floor of the yard moreover, the products have applied the abrasion resistance and self-cleaning technology which...
Soluble Salt Porcelain Tile
we supply large qty of soluble salt porcelain tiles. product name: solulble salt porcelain tiles size: 600*600mm finish: supper glossy finish / nano finish products grade: excellent qty: 10 0000 m2
Polished Porcelain Tile
the super works of magic engineer--the latest high-tech numeral distribution technique creates the wonderful natural stone charm, freshly vivid and shining.the pioneering fully crystal technique--the original vitrified glazed crystal composite technique offers the tile entire transparence, as beauti...
Clay Paving Brick
with different size, colors and models, our clay tiles and bricks are suitable for paving road, garden wall, parking-lots, squares, walkways, home yards etc. clay brick color: red, reddish brown, brown, bisque yellow, brown, grey etc. dimension: 200* 100* 40 mm/ 50mm/ 60mm 230* 115* 40mm/ 50mm/ 60...
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